Friday, August 19, 2016

4 Star Review plus Giveaway for Loving His Forever by LeAnn Ashers

Title: Loving His Forever
Author: LeAnn Ashers
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: August 18, 2016
I'm nobody. Homeless, afraid of my own shadow and haunted by memories. I went through the motions, but I wasn't living. Until him. He made me live again. He became my everything. Until he came back. The man that caused me to live in my own personal hell for years.
Brae is broken. She's haunted by memories. I saw the fire in her eyes flicker and it was enough. It consumed me. I was determined to see her thrive. I didn't expect to fall in love with her and that it would become everything. Nothing will stop me from protecting her. He will pay for her pain.

I personally recommend reading Protecting His Forever before reading Loving His Forever. Some events overlap in each book. 
Braelyn's story isn't an easy one. She has a traumatic past. She's been on the run from it and it resulted in her being homeless. When her past comes back, she seeks shelter with her friend. You can tell this is hard for her. She's not the same woman she was before. This Braelyn has experienced so much hurt and darkness, it has stripped her of the lively person she once was. 
She meets Ethan. He is her savior. Once Ethan sees her he is instantly attracted. He wants to do everything in his power to protect her. Slowly, Ethan begins to bring the old Braelyn back to life. Their love story is a beautiful one. 
The author did a wonderful job with this story. I think she captured the characters feelings very well. There were a few predictable times that were a little similar to the the first book but all in all it was great read. 

4 out of 5 Stars

“EEEKKK!!! Just freaking WOW!!! **sigh** Ms. LeAnn nailed it again!” ~5 Star Review by Ms. Me28
“Ms. Ashers will have you enthralled from start to finish with Loving His Forever and wanting to read the next book…” ~5 Star Review by April (Goodreads)
LeAnn Asher's is a blogger turned author who spends her days reading and writing She released her debut novel early 2016, and can't wait to where this new adventure takes her. LeAnn writes about strong minded females and strong protective males who love their women unconditionally.

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