About Me

Hello y'all. My name is Amy. I am the sole reviewer here at ARA'sR (Avid Reader Amy's Reviews). I stated blogging around 2011. The previous blog was Amy's Book World. I love reading and have loved it since I was a kid.
I am currently enrolled in college. My major is Sociology. I plan on getting my Masters in Sociology and become a Clinical Therapist. The bad thing about going to college at 34, is that everyone makes you feel old in comparison. =)

Question and Answer:
Favorite Book Series? 
Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward
Favorite T.V Show(s)? 
Sons of Anarchy, Family Guy, Sleepy Hollow
Print Books or eBooks?
Depends on the book. I only read Ward's BDB series in print but everything else is eBooks.
Something most people do not know.
I hate surprises, even at Christmas and birthdays. I tend to plan things out to avoid surprises.

Well I hate talking about myself, so thanks for stopping by. =)

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