Monday, October 19, 2015

Review- 180 Days by T.E. Ridener

Title: 180 Days
Author: T.E. Ridener
Publisher: T.E. Ridener
Published Date: October 1, 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Transgender Romance
Page Count: 268

Lydia McIntosh left her old life behind when she said goodbye to Prairie Town, North Carolina and started over halfway across the country with her beloved Gran; away from her family, away from everyone who knew the person she once was, and from the identity she never quite wanted in the first place. When her grandmother passes away, she returns home and while she only intends to stay for the funeral, her grandmother has other plans, from the grave. Her will states that Lydia must remain in Prairie Town for six months in order to give her family and her old town a chance to get to know the new her, the real her. 

Lydia has had years to adjust to long hair, summer dresses, and nail polish, but she understands her family will need time to get reacquainted with a daughter they’ve never known and a sister they’ve missed terribly. Anticipating the worst, as she always has, Lydia’s feelings about her old town begin to change when she meets her brother’s best friend, Callum. Callum is kind and more accepting than she could have ever imagined and she’s falling for him. 

When her 180 days are over, will she be able to say goodbye to the family she’s missed so much? Will she survive her mother’s endless intolerance? Can she really leave the man who acknowledges her past and still wants her? 

180 Days is one of those brave books that have to be written. It is a fictional story but the premise behind is very real. The author writes about the subject of transgender. This is something that is in the forefront of our society. It talks about the pain that comes from not being accepted and the emotions that arise from finding yourself.

 The character of Lydia has taken the steps needed to be who she is truly supposed to be. Her journey now is to find that forever happiness that she craves. Unfortunately terrible circumstances force her to go back to her hometown. A town that was not a progressive and open as the rest of the world. To make things worse, her mother refuses to accept her. She's forced to stay in town for 6 months and take the chance at finding love. She meets Callum who is a breath of fresh air. He shows her that staying in town can be worth it and that everyone deserves a chance at love.

I loved Lydia's character. She has a vulnerability and strength about her that makes her appealing. Even though her mom refuses to accept her, she still loves her mom and would do anything for her. That shows that she is a bigger person and has unconditional love for others even if they don't have it for her. Reading her story, I was glad that Lydia stayed. She got to see that the town isn't exactly as it was when she left and people are willing to embrace her no matter what.

The author does a wonderful job at touching on the emotions that Lydia is facing. The author doesn't skirt around with this and does a great job in explaining things. She wrote a beautiful story and I hope everyone reads it. I wish that more authors were as brave as Ridener and told more stories like this one.

This story has a HEA but we all know in real life a lot of transgender people do not get their HEA. It's really sad that they are treated so harshly by others because they just want to be who they are supposed to be. Unfortunately it is a sad case in our world. Hopefully one day we can all love one another for who we are. 

5 out of 5 Stars!!

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