Thursday, September 1, 2016

Review of Keagan by F.G. Adams

Title: Keagan
Series: This is Our Life #2
Author: F.G. Adams
Published Date: August 23, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 358


A powerful storm brews between Them… 

Keagan Fontneau gave up on life after returning wounded from his last tour of duty 
Jocelyn Blackwood only exists to protect those who can’t help themselves 
He left Lakeview on a mission 
She ran from the haunting memories 
He remembers her smile 
She never forgot him 
He’s in business with danger 
She’s in the wrong place at the right time 
He’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe 
She’ll resist him at every turn 
His nightmares won’t end 
Her pain understands 
He craves a future with her 
She despises a past without those she loved 
He wants her 
She needs him 
Thunder rumbles in His fractured Soul 
She believes Lightning Strikes only once…until him 
Can Her battered heart shelter him from the raging winds or 
Will the Tempest’s path of destruction shred their fragile bond?


Keagan is the second book in the This Is Our Life series. This is a new to me author. So when given the opportunity to read a book by someone new, I'm going to jump at it. I hadn't read the first book, so going into this series, I didn't know what to expect. The story is a second chance romance but is told through a lot of flashbacks. When it comes to flashbacks in books, I'm not a fan of so much of them. With this book, I felt that the story would have worked better had they just told their backstory, gotten it out if the way, and then began with the present day story. I felt that the back and forth took away some of the story's effect. 

The concept of this story is a great. The author tries to build upon the bond that Keagan and Jocelyn created as teenagers. The fact that it didn't start off as romantic it what makes it interesting. Most second chance romance books are about a second chance at the romance that once was. Here, the characters never really got the chance at romance, mainly because Jocelyn keeps him at distance, friendzoned. In present day they have a romantic connection, one that doesn't seem as authentic as the author had hoped. One of the reasons is because Jocelyn never recognised Keagan as an adult. If they were as close as they appeared to be, why not recognise him? Keagan knew who she was from the start but the same cannot be said for her. 

 While I admit I like the concept, the story just gets lost. As a reader, I felt that there wasn't an opportunity to connect with the characters. Let's be honest, that's kind of important. Without that, the reader becomes disconnected and uninterested in the story. 
I'm sure the author is a great storyteller but this just wasn't my cup of tea.

2 out of 5 Stars

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