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Blog Tour Interview and Giveaway- A Castle For Dragons by Julie Wetzel

Castle For Dragons by Julie Wetzel
Dragons of Eternity, The First Archive
This is a Crimson Tree Publishing Title
Genre: Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Science Fiction
Release Date: August 11th, 2015
With a dragon ravaging the countryside, the Prince of Dragons sends out his best man, Patrick Mylan. His orders—secure an abandoned castle and stop the foul beast from stealing more maidens. This shouldn't be an issue for an Elite of Eternity

But there is more going on than there seems. When other dragons are sighted in the area, the town sends their maidens to their new lord for protection. Patrick's life just became a lot more complicated. With the dragon he's hunting acting odd and a castle filled with women distracting him, how is he supposed to do the job he was sent for? And what are the ladies going to do when they find out he's the other dragon in the area?

A Castle for Dragons is a prequel novel to On the Wings of Accidental Dragons by Julie Wetzel.
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The Dragons Of Eternity Series is the newest addition to your body of work. Can you tell us a little bit about the series and what to expect in upcoming books?

The Dragons of Eternity Series is my first foray into the world of fantasy writing. While most of the series is done in a modern day setting, A Castle for Dragons is set in a historical period. It’s tied into the main series by a few key characters, but it’s a standalone story, hence why it’s called an Archive. There were a few loose ends in this story that I hope to tie up with a second archive, but that’s in the very rough outline stage at the moment.
At the start of the main series, On the Accidental Wings of Dragons, we find an unlikely couple that has to pull together to save one of them from certain death at the hands of Eternity itself. Due to their tenacity, they pull through and start to expose a larger problem threatening the very fiber of the dragon world. Someone is killing dragons. As the series goes on, we will visit with new members of Eternity as they work to stop whoever is killing dragons. Along their way they will all find that single individual that completes them, but it’s claim and keeping them that could cause them issues. Ultimately, the goal is to solve the mystery and have fun doing it.

 This series a little different than your other one, which is about vampires. Which one do you prefer writing, dragons or vampires?

This is a hard question to answer. Both dragons and vampires are enjoyable to write. There’s nothing quite as romantic as a good vampire story, but dragons are high flying fun. If I had to choose, I would say dragons. For one reason only. I can get away with more outrageous things than I can with the vampires.
In both paranormal and fantasy realms you ask the reader to stretch their grasp on reality. To stop believing in things they know are real and accept the fanciful for a while. For some people, this is very hard to do. And since I write traditional vampires and werewolves, that grasp is a lot firmer. Vampires and werewolves have very solid mythologies that set the bounds in which one can write. Yes, you can push those boundaries, but you had better be prepared to defend your choice. It’s easier to get your readers to follow you into a world where you’re not rewriting the mythology of a creature they are already familiar with.
In the world of dragons, there isn’t the preconceived notion of how they should act, so I can do just about anything with them without someone trying to call me on them. Since the creature is unknown to them, you have a lot more room to build your own mythologies. It’s very freeing.

 Castle For Dragons is a prequel to the series, is it harder having it come out after the first book?

Yes. When the girls asked for dragon books, I didn’t really think about it when I send A Castle for Dragons in. The manuscript was done and I wasn’t even sure if they would want it, being that it was more of a historical book than the others. I was happy that they took it, but had I used two brain cells, I would have held this book until the main series was completed. Not that I regret bring this book to publication. I love the story and I’m happy to share it with others that will enjoy it. It’s just, not everyone reads all of the information about the books when they are listed in a series. And the way they have to be listed to link them together is confusing. I’m worried that some will pick Castles up thinking that it’s the second in the series and be confused that this takes place hundreds of years before the first book. I can see where that might stop them from reading the rest of the series. I want people to enjoy the books, not be turned off by getting something they didn’t expect.

 The leading men in your books are very good looking. Where do you find inspiration for your male characters?

Everywhere! Darien’s description was pulled partly from an anime I was watching at the time of conception and partly from things I liked in men. Michael was based on some guy that walked into the shop I was working on. A lot of my characters features are left vague on purpose. Not everyone like the same thing, so if I give them just a few specific features to identify the character, the readers can fill in the rest with what they like!

What kind of research did you have to do for the dragons? 

I was already very familiar with the workings of the middle ages due to a job I once had at a Renaissance Festive. I worked with them for about five years doing several odd jobs, so medieval life wasn’t new to me. I did, however, spend a fair amount of time researching moat and baily castles and castle life specifically.

 If you could live the life of one your characters, for 24 hours, which one would it be and why? 

Oh my! Only one character?  Well, I would have to say Zak from the Kindling Flames series. Why? Because being a ball of tentacle with an attitude would be awesome. Think of the number of people you could freak out. And no one would say anything to you, with the exception of Vicky, because, Dude! You’re a freaky ball of tentacles! And your powerful too boot! Okay. I’ll go back to my hole and stop scaring the normal now.

Can you tell the readers 3 facts not listed in your author bio? 

Three things not in my bio, let me see. I’m a damn good mechanic. When I was sixteen, my dad bought me a car for next to nothing. He let my mom drive it until it threw a push rod. Once they got it back to the house, he handed me the book on the car and told me to go fix it. He had all the tools we needed, but he made me tear that sucker apart and put it back together so it worked properly. Saved my hindquarters on several occasions. And to this day, I can still tear own a car and rebuild it if I wanted to.
Next, I’m mighty good with a sewing machine. My mother works for a theatrical company making everything from banners and backdrops to walking costumed characters. She used to call me in when she had a deadline she had to meet. I learned to sew on a machine that had a clutch in it. It was like taking your first driving test in a mac truck! Once I mastered that and hand sewing on fleece, I was up for just about anything you could throw at me.
Finally, I am accident prone. If you can fall over it, through it, or trip on it, it’s got my name written all over it. I’ve had 8 or 10 broken bones (I can’t remember) and countless sprains and bruises. I’ve hurt myself so many times I earned the nick name Grievous Bodily Harm and my husband has threatened to tattoo it on me. I do really try to be a careful person, but accidents just love me!

What 3 books should every book lover add to their personal library?

It would be self-serving to list any of my books in this list, but I think just about anyone would enjoy them.  So three books that every book lover should have. 1.) The Complete works of Arthur Conan Doyle. Because who doesn’t love a good mystery! 2.) The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (You can get it in one book!) 3.) The complete works of Edgar Allen Poe. With a little madness and a little murder, what’s not to love!

 What is your current work in progress?

Right now I’m working on book three in the Dragons of Eternity series, For the Heart of Dragons. This continues the story as another member of Eternity has a run in with the group killing dragons and has to have the help of a lovey therapist to deal with the changes in his life. They also get another clue as to who is killing dragons and why. I’m over half way done with it.

  Do you have any additional information you would like to add?

I’ve been asked this question many times, so I’m glad you’ve given me the opportunity to answer it. Is there going to be more books in the Kindling Flames series and when can we expect them? Yes. There are more books in the Kindling Flames series. Book Five, Burning Nights, is already half done. I ran into an issue with the plot line and had to step back from it for a bit, but it is next in line to be finished. I hope to have For the Heart of Dragons wrapped up by the end of the month and get back to our favorite vampire them. I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get that book done. Thank you everyone for your patients as I work through things.

 Thank you so much!  
Julie Wetzel is a mother of a hyperactive red headed boy, and what time she’s not chasing down dirty socks and unsticking toys from the ceiling she's crafting worlds readers can get lost it. Julie is a self-proclaimed bibliophile and lover of big words. She likes hiking, frogs, interesting earrings, and a plethora of other fun things.
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