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~*~ New Release and Review ~*~ Fighting Solitude by Aly Martinez

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Fighting Solitude is Book Three in the On The Ropes Series by Aly Martinez and is Quarry’s highly anticipated story.

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**Each book in the series can be read as a standalone**

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I was born a fighter. Abandoned by my parents, I spent my life forging my own path—one guided by my fists and paved with pain.
Untouchable in the ring, I destroyed everyone who faced me, but that’s where my victories ended. Outside the ropes, I repeatedly failed the few people who loved me. Including my best friend, Liv James—the one person I’d die to protect.
Even though I didn’t deserve her, Liv never stopped believing in me. Never gave up. Never let go. After all, she understood what I’d lost, because she’d lost it too.
Liv was everything to me, but she was never truly mine.
That was going to change.
I lost my first love, but I refused to lose my soulmate.
Now, I’m on the ropes during the toughest battles of my life.
Fighting to be the man she deserves.
Fighting the solitude of our pasts.
Fighting for her.


Fighting Solitude is Quarry and Liv's book. Quarry and Liv have a.......unique relationship. BFF's since they were kids, they know each other better than anyone else. The book takes place over a matter of years. You get to understand what makes these two tick and why they work so well. If you've read the previous book, you know that Quarry was in a relationship with Mia. At the end of Fighting Shadows, the previous book, she dies. This changes the course that both Liv and Quarry are on. No they don't immediately begin sexing it up. They mourn the loss of someone important to them. Not only was she Quarry's girlfriend, she was Liv's BFF too. I told you, they had a unique relationship. Through the course of the book you see them grow up, stay close and eventually fall in love. Where they end up doesn't come easy for them because they fear what it would mean to Mia's memory. They soon realize they have always loved each other, they just took the long way to get together.

Martinez did a fantastic job on this book. She really has the reader get to know and understand the characters. When authors do that, it becomes so easy for the reader to feel the emotions that the characters are feeling. The author wrote a beautiful love story that was a joy to read. I feel that she did a great job connecting each book and making to where you don't have to read them all to know what's going on. Also, even though the story is set in a fighter's world, it's not weighed down with sports lingo. It's a smooth read.

My Rating:
5 out of 5 Stars!!

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Fighting Silence (Book One) On the Ropes
ONLY $0.99

Fighting Shadows (Book Two) On The Ropes

About the Author

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Born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, Aly Martinez is a stay-at-home mom to four crazy kids under the age of five, including a set of twins. Currently living in South Carolina, she passes what little free time she has reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, preferably with a glass of wine at her side.
After some encouragement from her friends, Aly decided to add “Author” to her ever-growing list of job titles. Five books later, she shows no signs of slowing. So grab a glass of Chardonnay, or a bottle if you’re hanging out with Aly, and join her aboard the crazy train she calls life.

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