Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Review: Unmasked by June Stevens

Title: Unmasked (Godmother Security #1)
Author: June Stevens
Publisher: Self Published
Published Date: January 6, 2015
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Page Count: 133

Somebody wants billionaire Sebastian Prince dead. It is Cynthia Ashe’s job to protect him. But can she do that without letting him find out she is the mysterious woman he had a fling with at a charity masked ball? 

When the killer and Cindy’s deadly past catch up with them she may have to spill all of her secrets in order to keep them both alive.

In Unmasked, Stevens takes the classic Cinderella fairytale and gives it a unique and modern makeover. Unmasked revolves around Cindy and Sebastian. Two characters from opposite sides of life. Instead of having Cindy as the classic damsel in distress, she is Sebastian’s bodyguard.  
I love how Stevens laughs in the face of stereotypes and says that women can be the protectors. Stevens is a really good writer when it comes to going against stereotypes. She does a fantastic job of showing the readers that no matter who you are, you can be whoever you want.
The author does a great job with the romance factor. She is able to build the romance and not have it be about just sex. The book has a good storyline and one that is easy to get pulled into.
I loved all the characters in the book. Cindy and Sebastian are good together. We didn’t hear much from Jake and Gus, but I hope that they will be in future books.
I recommend this book. It is one not to be missed. I hope that this paves the way to more books in this series.

5 out of 5 Stars!!!!

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