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~~Review~~ Wanting You by Ryan Michele

Title: Wanting You (Forever Mine #1)
Author: Ryan Michele
Publisher: Self Published
Published Date: November 30, 2013
Genre: Romance/Erotica/Suspense
Page Count: 236

Savannah 'Vann' Kelly knows the pain that love can bring, whether from family or a love lost. Being ripped from her home and forced to leave behind her boyfriend, has caused an ache she's unsure will ever heal. 

Five years later, Vann is back. While her day job is kept secret from most, the threat it poses throws her entire world off balance, putting her and those closest to her in danger.

Deke Sullivan’s life has been in a tailspin ever since his brother’s death. Everyone in his life has either betrayed or left him, making him who he is today. But behind his tough persona is still the man that craves the woman who left him all those years ago. One look into those blue-gray eyes sends his heart into overdrive, anger pulsating through him.

Can Deke move past the hurt? Will what became of Vann's life after she left cause greater tragedy? Can first love prevail?

Wanting for You is a story of love lost and love reacquainted. You follow Deke and Savannah. Savannah left Deke and her home town because of her mom. After her dad left them, her mom couldn’t stay. So she spends 5 years trying to deal with everything and her alcoholic mother. So she finally arrives back in town and life is supposed to start back up. Hmmm… I wasn’t a fan of Savannah’s. Maybe because I just didn’t understand her or because I just didn’t like her character. You can tell that she cares for Deke. I wonder why she never wrote him, other than his Dear John letter. She didn’t contact and then expects things to be okay. She is one of those characters that you want to like but you cannot seem to.  
Then there was Deke. He was possessive over Savannah, even after he said that they were over. When it comes to women, you can not have your cake and eat it too. You can not say you don’t want them and get mad if someone else does. Then when he finds out about her stalker he steps in like he is going to save the day. Where was he before? It seems that he has a hero complex.
The story it’s self was a good concept but it fell flat for me. The suspense of the book made some sense. An erotic writer being stalked by a reader. That could be a Lifetime movie. The thing that made it take a turn for the worse was when you find out who is behind the stalking. You do a double take and go “huh?”. When you go back and try to put the pieces of the puzzle back together, this conclusion doesn’t make sense. I don’t want to divulge who was behind it. Read the book and you’ll find out.
Michele is a great writer but I think this is not her greatest book. I loved everything else she has written and was surprised once I got to read this one. I had hoped for a more interesting storyline but it wasn’t the case. She does a good job in transitioning from present day to flashbacks. You don’t get lost in the shuffle with them. Overall her writing is good but the story not so much. This doesn’t deter me from her books. I am still a huge fan. 

3 out of 5 Stars!

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