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~*~ Review ~*~ Devoted by Kira Johns

Title: Devoted
Series: Satan's Rebels #5
Author: Kira Johns
Publisher: Kira Johns
Published Date: 3/26/2016
Genre: Romance/New Adult
Page Count: 175


“There are two types of pain in this world – the pain that hurts you and the pain that changes you.”

I chose to walk down a dark path in life believing I was the one in control. I was wrong. Overcoming my addiction was just the first step in my recovery. The club gave me a reason to continue the climb, but it was meeting Bella that gave me a purpose. I never meant to fall for Bella, but loving her was too easy. She completes me in a way I never thought possible. 

“The dark is unending. There are always demons lurking in the shadows.”

Forgetting the past is never an option, especially when facing it terrifies you. I thought I’d never be able to move on, until I met him. Blake Andrews didn’t just save me, he showed me what true love was all about. 

“With pain comes strength. With strength comes peace.”

Fate brought Blake and Bella together, but it takes more than just love to forge a bond that will last a lifetime. It takes someone completely… devoted.

My Review:

Johns is known for the darker side of romance. This book is no exception. Devoted brings us the story of Bella and Blake. We got a tidbit of it in Damaged but now we get the full story. The book is a little faster paced. That's fine because in Damaged we already know they get a HEA, now we are reading about how they got there. 

I loved the story of Blake and Bella. They reminded me of Jade and Viper's story. Blake has issues of his own, trying to remain clean and not use drugs. Bella is dealing with the aftermath of her own hell. She doesn't want help, she just wants to forget. The club is the help that Blake needs and in turn he uses what he learned to help Bella. 
Blake shows Bella that she can't forget her past, she can confront it and move past it. In doing this, it strengthens the bond they have created. Love blossoms. Their stories are dark and gritty but their love for each other is beautiful. 

I loved their story. I am so happy that the author gave us a chance to read it. I recommend that the whole series be read in order for you to truly understand this story. 
I feel that the author did a fantastic job, as always. I look forward to the next book in the series. 

My Rating:
5 out of 5 Stars

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